About Us

About Us

We have the right solutions and approach that can bring the best results to your business.

NEO CALLER BIZ is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider focusing on assisting small and medium-sized businesses with their outsourcing experience. We are a privately held company founded by Indian. Our office is located in Bangalore City. Our goals are to deliver Outsourcing services to businesses that want to scale up without being exposed to many overheads and at the same time keep their high-quality standards. There is not small or big job for us. We treat all our clients with the same zest and we assure you that we will fulfill your needs. 


Our story

Whether you are looking for one person as your virtual assistant or a whole team for boosting up your sales we are ready to guide you through and share all the outsourcing know-how to assist you in achieving your great goals. All our agents are shortlisted and handpicked from recruiting experts ensuring every single one of them has the skill and the passion to strive for the best. Step in and you will be surprised by the quality service you will get.



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Supplying all of your requirements and providing excellent service to all of your clients even beyond business hours.


Providing outsourcing solutions that propel businesses to new levels of success.


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